gabba Gallery

14 September 2019


Gabba Gallery Los Angeles


Black Bird

Black Bird (23” x 17”)

Hidden Garden 1

Hidden Garden 1 (10.5” x 10.5”)

Hidden Garden 2

Hidden Garden 2 (10.5” x 10.5”)










 Into the Blue

Into the Blue (21.5” x 15”)


Menagerie (22” x 30”)

 Seven for a Secret

Seven for a Secret (22” x 15.5”)

Surgical Nest 1

Surgical Nest 1 (15.5” x 10.5”)

Surgical Nest 2

Surgical Nest 2 (15.5” x 10.5”)


















Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery


March 2nd – March 23rd, 2019

Treatise on Steppenwolf

Treatise on Steppenwolf – Framed..

Portrait of Kay IV

Portrait of Kay IV – Framed.

Portrait of Kay III - Framed

Portrait of Kay III – Framed












Portrait of Kay II - Framed

Portrait of Kay II – Framed.

Portrait of Kay I - Framed

Portrait of Kay I – Framed

Homebound - Framed

Homebound – Framed












Frenzy - Framed

Frenzy – Framed

Flamingos - Framed

Flamingos – Framed.

Fairy Tales - Framed

Fairy Tales – Framed











In Plain Sight








Hope Kroll:

Fragmented Memories
curated by Jennifer Rizzo
March 2nd – March 23rd, 2019
NEW YORK CITY – Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Fragmented Memories with  California based artist Hope Kroll, curated by Jennifer Rizzo. Fragmented Memories will be this artists inaugural solo exhibitions at Hashimoto Contemporary, in which she will be exhibiting collage and mixed media works.  
For Fragmented Memories. The contemplation of memory, the past and the incorporation of vintage ephemera create unifying themes in  Hope Kroll’s work, calling to question how we recall the past, as well as the ability to create something new, transforming our own sense of memories.
Hope Kroll combines elements of collage with the three dimensionality of assemblage, creating collage work that is saturated with movement, energy and detail. Utilizing antique hand cut paper and photographs, these complex works focus on the materials and their own unique histories, deconstructing and reconstructing the materials before re-contextualizing them. For the exhibition, Kroll used a recurring portrait of a woman referred to as Kay, which the artist collected over the years. Juxtaposed with a variety of animals, mechanical parts and equipment, the artist asks the viewer to question who this woman was, and beyond that, what are the types of things we project onto others? What is fact vs story? Kroll’s fantastical works create beautifully condensed portraits of the many magical stories of Kay. 
Please join us Saturday, March 2nd from 6pm – 9pm for the opening reception of  Fragmented Memories. The artist will be in attendance. This exhibition will be on view through Saturday, March 23rd. For more information, additional images, or exclusive content, please email us at  Please click on the following link for a preview of the show:
Hope Kroll: Fragmented Memories 
Hashimoto Contemporary  
804 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Opening Night Reception: Saturday, March 2nd, 6pm – 9pm
On View: Saturday, March 2nd – March 23rd, 2019
Hashimoto Contemporary:
Hashimoto Contemporary is located in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. Our roster consists of an eclectic blend of new contemporary artists. With monthly rotating exhibitions, our programming focuses on a range of painting, sculpture and installation-based work. You can also visit us at a variety of international art fairs in Miami, New York, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles.
Hope Kroll is an internationally exhibited collage artist. She attained her Bachelors of Fine Art from University of Illinois 1990 and received her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992.  She has been in various publication such as, Anatomy Rocks: Flesh and Bones in Contemporary Art, The Intricacies of the Heart and It’s Chambers: The Collage Art of Hope Kroll and Masters Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists. Her art work has been Acquired by The Nora Eccles Museum of Art and the International Museum of Collage and Assemblage.

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Robert Berman Gallery

Homage to Nabokov ( 28″ x 24″)

Homage to Nabokov ( 28″ x 24″)

Madness ( 19″ x 13″)

Madness ( 19″ x 13″)

Maps and Guns (32″ x 26″)

Maps and Guns (32″ x 26″)

Revolution Gallery




In Case of Emergency (6″ x 4″)

In Case of Emergency (6″ x 4″)

Wilhelmine (6″ x 4.5″)

Wilhelmine (6″ x 4.5″)

Hot Wheels (10″ x 7″)

Hot Wheels (10″ x 7″)


Lady in White (20″ x 16″)

Artwork ©Hope Kroll Lady in White (20″ x 16″)